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2018 Sponsor Letter

Dear Dairy Enthusiast,                                                                 01-03-19

The SHOW LIKE A PRO (SLAP) Maryland Dairy Youth Workshop is gearing up for 2019, partnering again with the Maryland Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (PDCA)! The SLAP Program, now in its 10th year, provides an overnight two-day experience simulating a real show. SLAP provides participants of every level the knowledge needed to compete in the Fitting and Showing divisions along with animal welfare and husbandry before and during a show. We have first-year youth who have never yet shown, up to individuals in their final year of eligibility. They all leave with new knowledge to improve their performance.  Although SLAP is a Maryland program, we allow interested youth from any state to attend. Five states, other than Maryland, were represented in past years and we would love to add more!  There are no boundaries between the dairy industry and we work to promote the industry by creating new friendships and knowledge for everyone.

We are blessed to live in a relatively small geographical area that includes individuals that compete and/or judge at national competitions including, but not limited to, the All-American Dairy Show and World Dairy Expo. We are further blessed that these professional showmen as well as professional fitters are willing to assist in working with our youth. We have a large team of fitters who teach, demonstrate and then work with the attendees on their own animal. In past years, we have had these prestigious cattle handlers provide participants with individual instruction in optimally exhibiting an animal. The workshop ends with a real show, judged by our professionals. We are proud to say that a number of our attendees have advanced to national shows and have won their contests.

The volunteers who create this experience meet many times over the year in addition to providing the workshop. We are all volunteers as well as financial contributors. We ask you to also support our efforts to sustain the dairy industry by contributing whatever you can to help offset the cost of awards, ribbons and prizes as well as operating costs including insurance, facility rental, printing and website expenses, to name just a few.  Any amount will help and we are confident the pride and interest of the dairy community will help us succeed.

Please send your donation in the form of a check made out to MARYLAND PDCA with “SLAP” in the memo line, send to:

SLAP Dairy Workshop

c/o Amanda Valentine Dennis

16901 Bollinger School Rd.

Emmitsburg, MD 21727-8703

Thank you in advance for your support and please encourage any youth you know to attend the workshop. Donations received prior to June 1st will be listed on the SLAP website prior to the event. All donations will be recognized during the workshop and included in press releases sent to both print and online dairy news, as well as listed on the SLAP website after the event.  Details will be forthcoming via Farmshine and other dairy periodicals. You can also like us on Facebook to get “news blasts”. All workshop information, including registration packets, will be posted on our website by February 15, 2019.


Maryland Show Like A Pro Committee

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Mandi @ 301-788-2254.


Thank you for your amazing generosity and support of dairy youth!

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