Supply List



 S.L.A.P. Supply List 2019


Clothing guidelines for the work shop:

  1. Work Clothes—old clothing, bring enough to change into when they get wet. You will be washing animals twice and if taking the Intro to Advanced Clipping or Advanced Clipping sessions you will be clipping both days. The schedule includes time for an optional shower for those who clip on Saturday
  2. Shoes—sturdy shoes to protect feet-steel toes are the best! No flip flops or open toed shoes while working with animals. You may bring other shoes to wear to bathroom, meals or sessions not directly involving animals.
  3. Nightclothes—sweat pants/shirts, shorts, t-shirts appropriate for the weather. Remember, you’ll be washing your animal in the am, wearing what you wore to bed
  4. Show clothes—white shirt (preferably collared), long white pants (no capris, pedal pushers etc.) or a skirt. Belt. Show harness. Sturdy shoes/work boots. **Show will be judged according to these official dress standards.

Overnight Supplies Needed By Participants:

  1. Sleeping bag or blankets
  2. Pillow
  3. Toiletries/towels/washcloths etc.
  4. Flashlight
  5. Cot or air mattress
  6. Medications

Emergency contacts during the event include Amanda Dennis cell # 301-788-2254  and Michelle Parmiter cell # 301-471-5931.

Supplies /materials to bring along with your animal:

  1. Registration papers and current health papers, self-certification health paper, interstate papers if applicable all animals are required to have RFID tags.
  2. Hay 1/2 bale per animal
  3. Feed pan**
  4. Water bucket**
  5. Hose with good nozzle
  6. Washing supplies**
  7. Clippers, Kool-lube etc.**
  8. Show supplies to get animal ready for showmanship (Show halter, soft brush, show sheen, etc.)**
  9. Pitchfork/shovel
  10. Show Harness (new for 2019)

**Note: Ceresville-New Holland, Sheepman Supply will not be available this year however you can order through there website ahead of time, and supplies will be delivered to the fairgrounds

Staff will have wheelbarrows for your use. Please empty before spilling over and leave space for others rather than have to empty prior to use.

***Straw, shavings and Beet Pulp will be supplied by gracious donors