Presented by the SHOW LIKE A PRO Program Committee in partnership with the MD PDCA

Schedule for Saturday June 9th

12:30pm (No sooner) Registration

Checking In at the Fair

1.    Paperwork and animal inspection-animal must remain on trailer until staff checks.

2.    Take animal to wash rack

3.    Pick up workshop materials at registration desk.

Tying safely, using the Quick Release Knot- demo/practice.

1.    New to showing-ask staff person to show you what to do, then practice with them.

2.    Some experience-ask staff person to watch you and show you if improvement needed.

3.    Experienced-tie first then ask staff to come check your method.

Barn Assignments- see Barn staff and unload your equipment.

1:30pm Introduction: Welcome to Show Like A Pro
1:40pm Tried and True Methods for Washing- demo/practice.

1.    Take your hose, wash bucket and other supplies to wash rack.

2.    Follow directions and listen to lecture and participate in discussion.

3.    Wash your animal, staff will circulate and offer suggestions or assistance as needed. Ask staff to check when you think your animal is as clean as possible and all soap is off.

4.    Leave your animal on the rack to dry, pick up all equipment and return to barn

2:30pm How to Make a Pack– Demo/Bedding of stalls and return animals to Barn
3:15pm Animal Health & Biosecurity
3:45pm Feeding at a Fair-Demo Mixing Beet Pulp
4:30pm Show Box Contents and How to Prepare your Animal for Show Ring-Talk/Demo
5:30pm Dinner
6:30pm Basic Show Ring Protocol & Practice OR Intro to Advanced Clipping Techniques OR Advanced Clipping Techniques

(depending on Prior experience)

9:00pm Snack & Discussion Topics

Exhibitor Responsibilities, Safety, Interaction with the public

10:00pm Check Animals and get Ready for Bed
10:30pm Lights Out

 Sunday June 10th


5:00am Wake-Up Call-Wash Animal, Clean Stall, and Feed
6:00am Breakfast
7:00am Body Clipping-demo/practice or Intro to Advanced Clipping Techniques or Advanced Clipping Techniques
9:00am Assessing Animals to Maximize Appearance in the Ring
10:00am Show Ring Performance and Evaluation
11:00am Lunch
11:30am Dress and Prep Animals for Show
12 Noon  9th Annual Show Like A Pro Dairy You Workshop Show

The Purina Dairy Fit-Out Challenge

The Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit Showmanship Contest

 **At the Conclusion of the show and as you are preparing to leave remember to place all trash in barrels so our staff does not have to complete this task!