2017 SLAP Color coded Registration Packets

***All blanks on registration materials must be filled in. Use N/A or NONE if requested information does not apply in case of the applicant.

***Download, read and complete checklist to ensure application is accepted.  Forms available for download at bottom of page.
Application materials have been prepared into packets based on your status. All the documents in a packet will print out at once if selected. The only instance where the complete packet is not used is when a parent is unable to accompany the child and must appoint a temporary guardian. Then the parent does not have to register themselves or fill out their own health profile.

  1. Child between ages 8-17 as of January 1, 2017
    • Registration/Health Profile color coded with pink
    • Temporary Guardianship if parent not attending
    • Behavioral Objectives for child age 8-17 1 page completed by parent and child.

Temporary guardianship must be completed by parent if unable to attend, and all documents reviewed for accuracy


2. Youth between 18-21 by May 13th, 2017 and eligible to compete in showmanship.

  • Registration/Health Profile labeled Youth and color coded yellow. 4 page document.
  • Behavioral Objectives for youth age 1 page.
  • Youth Liability Contract 2 pg


  1. Parent if accompanying child between 8-17- a full registration needed. 4 pg document
    • Registration/Health Profile labeled Parent and color coded blue.
    • Parental Liability Contract 2 pg document

**if parent not attending they do not need to complete the Registration/Health profile for themselves. They must still complete the Parental Liability Contract and the Guardian must complete the Guardian Liability Contract as well.


  1. Parent NOT accompanying child color coded brown Need to only complete the following:
    • Temporary Guardianship included in child’s registration and co-sign Behavioral Obj.
    • Parental Liability Contract located within the parent’s application for you to print out.
  1. Temporary Guardian
    • Registration/Health Profile labeled Temporary Guardian and color coded green
    • Temporary Guardian Liability Contract
  1. Volunteers
    • Registration/Health Profile
    • Volunteer Liability Contract


Download: Application checklist-please print and use as guide

Download: Pink color code Child age 8-17 by May 13, 2017

Download: Yellow color code Youth between 18-21 by May 13, 2017

Download: Blue code Parent who is with child during workshop

Download: Brown code Parents unable to accompany child age 8-17 and are appointing a temporary guardian

Download: Green code Temporary Guardian packet

Download: No color Volunteer packet