SLAP Frequently Asked Questions 2018


What is this? An overnight dairy workshop and show open to all youth aged 8 – 21 eligible to show in Showmanship competitions. FMI see “Welcome doc.” when posted.

What if I don’t reside in MD? All youth, regardless of state, who meet the age criteria to show dairy animals in Showmanship are invited and may attend if properly registered. FMI see application directions & documents.

When is this held? Saturday, June 8th from *12:30 pm until Sunday, June 9th at 3 pm.

*Registration will begin at 12:00pm sharp for those coming from out of state, those attending from Maryland can begin to arrive at 12:45pm and not before. As you enter the fairgrounds you will check in near gate 5 and then proceed to dairy barns, Animals are not to be unloaded from trailers until inspected and approved for proper paperwork and health. Please consider this when timing your arrival-we will not begin registration until stated time. Our volunteers need the morning to complete preparations. There will be lunch available to purchase on-site Saturday prior to the start of workshop in case of early arrival.

Where is this event held? Frederick MD at the Dairy Pavilion and barns at The Frederick Fairgrounds.

For directions go to

For fairground map go to

What if I am in my first year of a dairy project and don’t know anything about showing yet? No matter what your age or experience level SLAP is set up for you! We run the gamut from basic to advanced skills. You will be shown and taught the skills both in group and individual formats according to need.

Do I register ahead for my classes for the show?  There are two contests-Showmanship and the Purina Fit-Out Challenge. There is no need to register for Showmanship as we use your information provided to place you in the appropriate class. There is a space provided on the registration form to specify which division of clipping you would like to participate in.

Showmanship Contest- Every participant shows in this with classes divided by age and experience. You are not judged on how well you fitted the animal, but how you handle it and use what you learn to best display the animal. Your animal may have been clipped for a spring show before coming to SLAP, preferably not so you get the best experience by doing it yourself, but we understand you may not have a previously unclipped animal to bring.

The Purina Fit-Out Challenge- This contest is limited to those with previous knowledge of basic techniques, the ability to clip their own animal in its entirety and a completely unclipped animal. They are judged completely on how they applied the techniques learned at the workshop to clip an animal for show (75% body clipping and 25% topline and hair blending). On arrival the animal must be completely unclipped.

**note: If your animal is very dirty, or full of cockle burrs etc., and the weather cooperates you should wash it ahead of the workshop to get the worst off.

How do I determine which clipping session to register for? Read through the document on the website titled “Three Skill-Set Divisions”. This will explain each division and give you the information you need to determine which session best suits you.

What are the basic requirements?

  • You must be eligible to show in the youth division in Showmanship contests
  • You must bring a heifer not in milk with ID and health papers as required in MD.  You will fit and show the animal and provide care. If you plan to participate in the Intro to Advanced Clipping session or the Advanced Clipping session (AKA- Purina Fit-Out Contest) portion of the show the animal needs to be clean and un-clipped on arrival.
  • Participants who are under 18 as of June 8th, 2019 must be accompanied for the entire workshop by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must also complete separate registration/health documents, although they are not charged to attend. Temporary guardianship paperwork for MD is included and must be completed in order for those whose parents are unable to attend. Each adult or guardian is responsible for a maximum number of four participants.Unregistered siblings or other children are not allowed in the care of the parent/guardian assigned to participants at the workshop. Workshop staff are not responsible for the care or behavior of the participants. FMI see application process and waivers when posted. No animals other than the participants’ heifers are allowed. No pets at the event. No unsupervised non-participant minors to be on grounds. SLAP Staff reserve the right to ask a participant to leave if the following rules are breached.
  • ALL registration materials must be completed in full and fees paid before acceptance. Participants are accepted in the order they fulfill the conditions above so make sure everything is correct or complete as instructed. A place will not be reserved pending your corrections if others’ correct & complete applications arrive in the meantime. Contact numbers are posted with applications for your assistance.
  • Once checked in you must remain on the grounds for the entirety of the workshop. You will be taught and supervised by our staff but must abide by all conditions outlined in the responsibility agreements.

What should I bring for myself and my animal? There is a list on the website. We try to limit the amount of equipment you need to bring-we bring some for your use and our great sponsors provide bedding and beet pulp.

How do I register? Download the registration materials from our website. They are available as of Feb. 15th. Mail completed applications to the address listed on forms.

Why is there so much paperwork? New for 2018, Simplified paperwork-paperwork has been greatly revamped, if you have any questions about application please feel free to contact anyone of the committee members for assistance. For everyone’s safety and to clarify responsibilities on everyone’s part. This workshop is a huge undertaking and over the past 10 years we have learned to go overboard with explanations. We wanted very much to open the program to any interested youth but that means we don’t know you and never meet you until the event. Our job is to present the program, not be a substitute parent so we must be sure someone legally serving in that role is with you if you are under 18. Your parents have never met us and need to either attend themselves or have a contract with a trusted adult for them to legally serve as a temporary guardian for the duration of the workshop. We also need to know enough about your health status and that of everyone at the workshop in case of an injury or illness so we can provide the information to health care providers should the need arise.

What if my heifer breaks out in ringworm or is otherwise sick at the last minute? Do not bring your animal if they are not healthy! If you cannot obtain a replacement animal that meets the requirements please contact us and we will find you a replacement heifer.

How much does this cost? The fee for each participant age 8-21 is $50.00. One Parent/guardian is free with each participant. The workshop fee is non-refundable because it is used to cover overall expenses for the event. However, all resource materials used at the workshop will be sent to the participant if unable to attend.

What if I have a question not covered in FAQs? Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.