Welcome to our Workshop! Our committee and event team consists of past champions, parents, project leaders, coaches, volunteers and professionals who will instruct and work with you to perfect the skills listed on our schedule. Registration is closed!   We accept correctly completed registrations in the order they are received. If you want a secured place in the workshop get them in early. Attendance will be capped at 100 participants to ensure we have adequate resources to continue the same high standards of the program.

The event is set up to simulate conditions at a real fair/show and the activities are interactive and individualized to your level. No matter if it is your first or last year to show you will leave with new knowledge and abilities. Other than completion of the registration paperwork you will need to know the following information:

Each youth participant is required to bring an animal and comply with the MDA Animal Health Requirements. Health papers and interstate papers are required. Links to Maryland Animal Health Information and forms may be found in the application paperwork .RFID tags are required for all animals. The animal must be a heifer not in milk.  Animals are not to be unloaded from trailers until inspected and approved for proper paperwork and health. Please consider this when timing your arrival-we will not begin registration until stated time. Our volunteers need the morning to complete preparations. Lunch prior to the beginning of the workshop will be available on-site Saturday for a small fee. If you are unable to bring an animal, or your animal becomes ill please contact the appropriate person on our contact list and we will try to accommodate you.

The animal may be bathed prior to arrival but DO NOT clip. All participants will be competing in age and skill specific divisions of the Showmanship show. Those wishing to compete in the Fit-Out Challenge must bring a clean, completely unclipped animal and be competent in basic clipping skills. Please remember that we added additional Showmanship Classes and an Intermediate Skills Fit Out Division in 2016.

A list of supplies to bring are included on the website. The minimum needed to wash, feed and clip are all you need to bring if you don’t already have other products.

Be sure to provide a head count for meals. Donations will be accepted for the non-participant extra meals.

Minors under the age of 18 by June 8, 2019 must be accompanied by an adult. We encourage this to be the parent. However, if a parent is unable to attend a temporary guardian at least 21 years old may be appointed. Further information for this process is included in the adult application.

The interactive sessions are fast moving and many prizes are awarded through out. The event culminates with a real show.


The Show Like a Pro Showmanship Contest

The Purina Dairy Fit-Out Challenge

Three Skill-set Divisions For Clipping

Three skill-set divisions for clipping

Basic Clipping and Show Ring Protocol – (For the beginner)

Before anyone can become a “Pro” you need to learn the basics. Participants in this group will work with volunteers and professionals to learn the basics of body clipping an animal. You are not judged in any way on the appearance of your animals clip job. Participants should bring a raw (unclipped) animal to take full advantage of this session. Participants in this group will learn basic show ring protocol by working with volunteers and professionals. After the instruction session you will have the opportunity to work hands-on with your heifer in the show ring under their supervision so that they can further teach and help you to understand what you have learned.

Intro to Advanced Clipping and Showing Techniques-(For the in-betweener)

So you’ve mastered basic clipping and can fully body clip your animal on your own but aren’t ready to compete in the TIMED “Purina Fit-Out Challenge”? Then this group is for you! Participants in this group will be given time to body clip their animal (ON THEIR OWN) in 2 different segments and then will have the opportunity to see a topline demonstration by a professional. Following that you will have some time to work on your own topline under the guidance of the professionals. Participants must bring a raw (unclipped) animal and demonstrate that they have the ability to fully body clip her on their own to participate in this session. Participants in this group will also have the chance to work with volunteers and professionals to help further their showing knowledge and techniques used in the show ring. PARTICIPANTS MUST BE AT LEAST 11 YEARS OLD AND HAVE 3 YEARS OF SHOWMANSHIP EXPERIENCE TO TAKE PART IN THIS SESSION.

Advanced Clipping/Purina Fit-Out Challenge- (for the “seasoned” participant)

Put your clipping skills to the test in this TIMED CONTEST to compete for awesome prizes! In this group you will have an hour and a half to fully body clip your animal ON YOUR OWN. Then you will have the opportunity to see a topline and hair blending demonstration by a professional. Participants will then take that knowledge and go to work on their own animals under the guidance of the professionals. The Purina Fit-Out Challenge will be judged as Class 1 at the start of the show and will be judged on the following: 75% body clipping and 25% topline and hair blending. Because this is a contest the only clipping allowed to be done is in the time allotted. Anyone clipping at any other time will be disqualified. Participants must bring a raw (unclipped) animal to participate in this session.